Smooth Jazz Trumpet

Smooth Jazz

Artist: Chuck Weirich
Genres: Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Released: May 01, 2011

"You Don't Know Me" the new album from Chuck Weirich

If you love the music of Herb Alpert, Chuck Mangione, Rick Braun and others, this compilation will take you back to the good times, when music had a distinct and memorable melody that you could sing along with. “You Don’t Know Me” is a smooth jazz trumpet tribute, honoring these trumpet legends plus vocalists James Blunt, Ray Charles and James Ingram.

1. Tijuana Taxi

You Don't Know Me Album by Trumpeter Chuck Weirich

2. You Don't Know Me
3. Whipped Cream
4. You're Beautiful
5. A Taste of Honey
6. Just Once
7. Winelight
8. Feels So Good
9. Rise
10. Grazing In the Grass

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